Evaluation & Initial Massage


Duration: 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Rate: $75

Note: all new clients must start with an evaluation & initial massage. Owner must be present for evaluation & initial massage.

Maintenance Massage


Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Rate: $65

Note: maintenance massages can be started once an evaluation & initial massage is complete.

Red Light Therapy


Duration: 10 minutes

Rate: $20

TheraPlate: Whole Body Vibration


Duration: 20 minutes

Rate: $40

Packages and Specials!

Introduction to Massage Package


Rate: $130

Save $10! Evaluation & initial massage completed in first session. Maintenance massage session completed at least 3 days after first session. 

Maintenance Massage Package


Rate: $180

Save $15! Package of three maintenance massages can be used on the same horse in three separate sessions OR three different horses during one appointment.

Theraplate & Red Light Combination


Rate: $55

Save $5! Combine two therapies into one appointment! To be used on the same horse. 

Refer a friend!

As a small business, we appreciate all referrals! Receive $5 off your next massage if you refer a friend who books an appointment with us.


Are you part of IEA, IHSA, FFA, 4-H or Girl Scouts and interested in learning about equine massage? Please reach out to schedule an equine massage demonstration for your group to discover basic techniques and therapeutic benefits of equine massage.

Gift Certificates

Searching for the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life? Look no further! Extend Equine Massage offers gift certificates by request. 

Curious for more information?

Explore our frequently asked questions section below and please do not hesitate to reach out for further clarification! 

Is there a travel fee?

Extend Equine Massage currently services within one hour of Nashua, New Hampshire and within one hour of Boston, Massachusetts. There is no travel fee within this area! However, any appointments outside of these ranges may be subject to a travel fee. 

What can I do to prepare for an appointment? 

Please have your horse ready at the scheduled start time of your session in a clean, quiet place. All coats must be clean and dry, and blankets and tack removed. Caitlin will work with your horse wherever they are the most comfortable: inside of a stall, on crossties, or ground tied. To encourage a relaxing atmosphere, it is recommended to avoid busy aisles, feeding times, or loud areas. If this is your initial appointment, we request that owners be present to discuss any medical history, workload, and current concerns during the first evaluation.

Can my horse be ridden prior to an appointment?

Yes! Horses can be exercised before the appointment. It is preferrable to have the muscle tissues warmed up prior to a massage, which can easily be achieved by turnout or a quick hand walk. However, please be sure to avoid bathing, excessive sweating and slippery sprays that decrease traction on the coat. These make it difficult to grip the muscles to manipulate them during bodywork. 

Can my horse be ridden after an appointment?

Here at Extend Equine Massage, we typically recommend hand walking or turnout after a bodywork session to encourage correct movement after biomechanical restrictions are eliminated. Normal exercise and riding can be resumed 24 hours after the session, giving time for the tissues to recover and toxins to drain.

What kinds of horses benefit from bodywork?

All of horses can benefit from bodywork! Small to large sizes, any breed, each age, and every single discipline regardless of competition level. Massage can help support: 

How often does my horse need bodywork?

Each horse is different, and requires a unique schedule of bodywork depending on their needs. If a horse has a strenuous workload, is competing frequently, or has extremely tense "problem areas"; they may benefit from bodywork sessions every three to four weeks. Horses living out a more typical or regular lifestyle can stretch the time between sessions from six to eight weeks. Caitlin will discuss her findings with you at your appointment and customize a personalized schedule for your horse. 

Will my horse stand on the TheraPlate? 

Many horses will happily stand on the TheraPlate platform, which only sits a few inches above the ground. Once horses realize how relaxed it makes them feel, they act like seasoned professionals! If a horse is incredibly unsure about the platform, Caitlin will work with them to ensure a positive and productive session is completed. 

Where can red light therapy be applied? 

Red light therapy sessions utilize a flexible pad that contains both red and infrared lights. This pad can easily be wrapped around any area of the body that is experiencing extra tension such as: hooves, legs, the poll, withers, and all large muscle groups across the body. 

Please have payment ready at the time of service. Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check, Venmo, and PayPal. Thank you!

We respectfully request that all customer cancellations be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Customers who fail to provide 24 hour notice may be subject to the full charge of the service(s).