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"Caitlin has come work on my horse with kissing spine a few times now and I couldn't recommend her more. She is prompt, professional, and my horse really likes her. My horse can be a bit of a sassy boy but Caitlin handles him extremely well. He is much more relaxed once she has finished her massage and stretches. She is detail oriented and keeps well organized notes and charts for each visit. I'm glad I found her to help me and my horse. Thank you, Caitlin!" -Kristen, Trail Rider


"Caitlin came out this past week to do a second massage on my mare, and it was such a great experience. She took the time to walk through what she was doing and answered any questions I had. Additionally, she set aside time to gather a thorough history and hear any of my concerns. My horse was definitely much more relaxed by the end of the session, and it carried over into our next rides where she felt phenomenal! If you are looking for a way to treat your horse and help them feel their best, I would definitely recommend Caitlin and Extend Equine Massage!" -Caitlin, Hunter Pleasure


"Jewel has been showing me noticeable improvement, like overall health. You're helping her heal. I'll tell you since she's been seeing you, her physical tension and mental stress have melted right down. She's carrying herself with a more correct posture, even just walking freely in the paddock I can see she isn't as tense or sore in her problem spots or compensated muscles. I didn't even know that this was something that I'd see! If this makes any sort of sense, I think that the connective tissue in her neck and bum are actually healthier... I do know that I've never seen my mare so ready to come out even just to do groundwork. It is improving our friendship... I get it now. Sis looks like she's been taking yoga in her free time! You're really sincerely doing some powerful work here Caitlin, for a lot of us horses and humans alike, and me and J are wicked grateful to have met you." -Meagan, Pleasure & Cattle Work

Ziggy, Echo & Grayson 

"Caitlin might be Ziggy’s favorite person! He loves each massage he gets and feels amazing afterwards. Caitlin is patient and knowledgeable and answers all my questions and explains what she sees and feels! She’s thorough during each massage and takes her time with each horse." -Lauren, Trainer at Royal Rose Eventing


"Caitlin did a fantastic job massaging my lease horse Roxy today! She started off the session by performing a full evaluation, searching for all stress and trigger points before moving onto the massage. Roxy enjoyed herself and showed some nice releases. I would 100% recommend Caitlin for all of your equine massage needs!" -Grace, Johnson & Wales University Intercollegiate Dressage Captain

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Dublin, Chloe & Eclipse

"Caitlin Looney has an incredible way with horses. Her ability to shift her energy to provide just the right amount of touch to bring relief is wonderful to watch and for your horse to experience. Highly recommended." -Gerry, Equine Immersion Founder at Operation Renewed Freedom

Gus, Cider & Ranger

"Highly recommend- Caitlin comes routinely for my three horses, and I have noticed a major difference in them since she started coming last year. She is knowledgeable, and accommodating!" -Jodee, Owner at GH Fortunate Farms


"Caitlin has been taking care of our 20-year-old Morgan Mare for a while now. We are very pleased with the results!" -Charlene & Kylie, Hunter/Jumper